Review – In the Wind by Lilliana Anderson


In the Wind is very different from anything I’ve read recently. Most young adult books follow the same formula…bad boys, good girls, love triangles and lost of angst. This book takes you inside the world of a girl from a broken home who never quite fit in. She’s different from kids her own age with one true friend, who she’s been infatuated with for years. When a new girl moves to town, she gets drawn into things that go against everything she believes in…compromising who she is, as she’s looking for love and acceptance. Only to find it…but not with her friend, but someone she never expected.
I thoroughly enjoyed the story, writing style, and the plot’s originality. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

Please note that the author was kind enough to gift a copy of this book to me and I have in turn left this honest review

(New Adult Romance. 17+ due to sex, language, drug use and adult themes)



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