Book Review: The Rise of Memphis Volume 1 by Kitty Kendall @KittyKBooks

4 Stars!

The author has graciously bundled the first three books in this serial in a package! This is a story of Jane/Memphis. No, they are not two separate people. Jane is a hotel night manager who has been unlucky with love. She lacks confidence AND a sex life. She takes a chance one night and uses her key card to proposition a childhood friend while in disguise. She’ll find her pleasure while he watches. The experience is so satisfying, she continues the routine with different hotel guests. Each month chronicles her experiences for that month. In February, Memphis has for very different encounters this month, with four very different men. Each hotter than heck! Memphis is definitely having an affect on Jane. In March, a virgin, a plumber and a computer geek walk into a bar., Scratch that, they walk into a hotel and encounter Memphis. And she’s got some superb journal entries for March. She’s come (snicker) a long way since January. But, I get the feeling she’s got lots more to learn from this experiment. Gah, I wish it was April!
Please note that the author was kind enough to gift a copy of this book to me and I have in turn left this honest review.

Price at time of posting: $2.99 Just click the image above!


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