Book Review: Bad for You by Alana Hart & Caia Fox

4 Star Fake Finance Romance!

I love reading fake engagement romance, and this is a good one. As you probably guessed, Wilson and Corinna fake an engagement to get his family off his back about settling down. She’s his secretary and has loved him a long time. He’s rich, handsome and is basically a man-whore. When he has family obligation he asks her to go with him home so they can work while he is there. She agrees…and the fake engagement ensues. What I loved about this book the authors hint at something really bad that has happened to Wilson in the past involving a old girlfriend. But no real information was given–so I had the opportunity to guess what it could have been — suicide, car accident, baby??? You get the idea. The good news, is I didn’t guess the issue–so YAY for the authors. I very much enjoyed this book and can recommend it!
Please note I received free a copy of this book and I have in turn left this honest review.

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