Book Review: Noah by Justine Elvira


5 Stars!!

Noah and Skye were childhood friends and she’s been in love with him forever. He’s a couple of years older and instead of college takes a different path, traveling and gaining experience. During his travels, he meets Caleb and he introduces him to Skye. Because Skye doesn’t think Noah is interested, she and Caleb start dating. Fast forward six years…she’s still with Caleb and she’s given up everything him but in her heart still loves Noah. Hence the love triangle begins, cause Noah isn’t denying his feelings for her anymore.
I have to say, Noah is probably the perfect romantic hero, romantic, handsome, and so gosh darn sweet. However, Skye is so immature I literally wanted to smack her on more than one occasion. So Ms. Elvira–mission accomplished–any writer who can get that kind of reaction from a reader has nailed it!


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