Book Review: Torment Me by Annabel Joseph @annabeljoseph


5 Stars! A Dark Read, but a Very Good One

This is my first book by Ms. Joseph. I didn’t read the excerpt or blurb but just dove in. This book may be on the extreme side for some readers. The hero (W) is a self proclaimed sadist and the Heroine (Chere) is a high priced “escort.” When W hires an escort Chere arrives blindfolded as he requested, the encounter is unlike anything she’s experienced before. His need to inflict pain is not something she’s comfortable with, but she can’t help her reaction to the experience. Each subsequent encounter is just as intense, in many cases more so…until it stops.
Even though I can’t see reading this type of story everyday, I have to say I was intrigued and enjoyed each page. Again, I would warn readers there are very explicit scenes that involve inflicting pain and explicit language.

$3.99 (price at time of posting)

Just click the image above to purchase!


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