Book Review: Unforgettable 1: A Hollywood Love Story by Nelle L’Amour


Box Set

4 Stars!

This Hollywood romance is a good one, part one of three introduces us to Brandon–the sexist man alive and mega star– and Zoey–his personal assistant. She’s your average gal, who has fallen for her arrogant, demanding boss. He’s been a victim of a hit and run and has lost is memory. He wakes up in the hospital to find himself engaged to todays “it” girl–but he can’t remember his attraction to her. But, he is attracted to Zoey. Strangely, they both lost their parent as children….
This book is full of sexual tension and a very entertaining dream sequence! It ends on a cliff hanger, but the series is complete, so there is no waiting. I can definitely recommend this one! I’m looking forward to book 2!

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