Book Review: Something New by Cameron Dane

 $6.99 at time of posting

4 Stars!

I picked this book up based on the cover and was pleasantly surprised. Yeah, it has menage (m/m/f with m/m) interaction which was what I expected from the cover. But it also has a good story (suspense, faith, and acceptance).

Abby entered the foster system after witnessing her parents brutal murder when she was eight. She’s blocked information about that event. But now in her twenties, she’s having nightmares about it…could they be real memories? She’s known Braden and Rodrigo for a year and has been attracted to both of them. But has never acted on that attraction. How could she–they are TWO attractive men. How could she choose. When said men learn about her nightmares, Brayden–a police detective is determined to find the murderer. And, he’s just as determined to make both Abby and Rodrigo his. Can a three-some really work? Can they uncover the truth for Abby?

I recommend this book for those who like menage stories as this one has more substance than just a lot of rolling around in bed with interesting postions!


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