Book Review: In The Absence of You by Sunniva Dee


Meet Emil, self-indulgent rock star, and Aishe, Gypsy girl with an agenda:
Emil isn’t your usual adoring leading man.
He’s the monster anti-hero.
Aishe isn’t your classic protagonist.
She’s the temptress anti-heroine.
This isn’t your typical romance.
It’s a horror anti-love story.
This isn’t your traditional romance with Wholesome Girl finding Prince Awesome and living happily ever after. If that’s what you’re looking for, look somewhere else.
Because in this story, no one gets out unscathed.
Aishe is running. Running from the burn of a love she knows will consume her.
Running from a soul mate she’s never even met.
If only she hadn’t been hired as a merch girl for the hottest indie band on earth.
If only she’d never laid eyes on its front man, Emil—intense, sexy, and so unlike the men of her culture.
If only she hadn’t fallen onto his lips, then into his bed.
If only her flame hadn’t exploded into a full-on forest fire.
If only Emil’s heart didn’t belong to someone else.


Emil is running. Running from a broken heart.
Running from who he was with her.
If only Zoe hadn’t left.
If only Aishe hadn’t been right there.
If only she hadn’t been so damn gorgeous—insistent—different.
If only he could control himself around her.
If. Only.

4 Star Review!

Obsessive and tortuous (in a good way), tiny spoilers below

This is my first book by Ms. Dee and I didn’t quite know what to expect. I didn’t expect a tortuous look at unrequited love, obsession and depression. Truth be told I finished this book several days ago and it took this long for me to put my thoughts together about it. I’m not going to summarize the book for you–you are capable of reading the blurb. What I will say is Emil’s path in depression and eventual suicidal thoughts is indeed tortuous. You see this seemingly fun loving rock dissipate and in his place is someone that can barely function. Aishe’s behavior to win him is not just obsessive–it’s desperate. The two together make for an experience of the like I have not experienced before. Don’t read this book if you are looking for a light read…but do read this book to get some insight of how this horrible disease (depression) can take it’s toll not only on the person experiencing, but everyone around them.

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