Review: Shiver: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance by Michelle Love

An Alpha Billionaire Romance

When billionaire art dealer, Sam Levy, meets gorgeous young artist Isabel Flynn, his life is turned upside down. The incredible sexual attraction between them is only matched by their emotional connection – they both fall hard and fast for the other. But outside their little bubble of happiness, they both have people in their lives who wish them harm, and when Isa’s first exhibition is vandalized and the gallery burned to the ground, they must face up to the fact that dark forces are at work which could destroy their love forever…

4 Stars!!  Sexy and suspenseful.

She has a stalker, he has a secret. When their instant attraction turns in to love–someone out there just can’t handle it. Is it his secret ex? Is it her old boyfriend? Her boss? A random stranger? Who ever it is seriously messed up…killing women, burning down buildings, and terrorizing them. The question is, why? Is his secret connected to her stalker? This is a very entertaining read. Super sexy (maybe a bit too much sex but eh). I can absolutely recommend this one. I dare you to figure out who the bad guy is!

$0.99 at time of posting and available through kindleunlimited

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